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@SniperPenguin; "Whilst Brexiteers want a greasy "Full English" (oddly, not British..., funny that ;-) ) with a copy of the Sun...."

I note the article itself says "Let's come together and unite the British nation by selecting [title: "The ultimate full English breakfast"]"

Oddly, as a Scot, someone conflating Britishness and Englishness tends to make me *less* inclined to unite with the British "nation".

Except possibly being dragged out of the EU by England and Wales, having been on the end of a scaremongering Unionist campaign that Scotland's place in the EU would be threatened by independence.

Yeah, but not as much as by remaining hitched to the whims of a bunch of Little Englanders, right? Talking of which...

"Forget Brexit."

No- you take *your* Brexit and shove it so hard you'll *never* forget about it. You lot voted for it, now you've got it.

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