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Personally... ultimate home cooked Full English (usually pre-beer festival for its absorbent qualities!) consists of:

Two sausages, one pork and herb and one pork (local butchers, 85% meat), grilled

Two rashers of smoked back bacon, grilled until they're safe, but not much more (also locally reared and cured)

Two lambs kidneys, butterflied and cleaned, grilled

Two slices of large black pudding, or half a small pudding sliced, grilled

Heinz baked beans

Two grilled tomatoes

Around 250g of closed cup mushrooms, thickly sliced and fried in olive oil

1 large flat mushroom, grilled

Fried egg (over-easy as our Colonial friends put it)

Thick slice of bread, cut from a loaf and neither toasted, buttered nor fried (put on the plate first and with the beans poured over)

Worcestershire sauce on the beans, no other sauces

If I happen to have any left over potatoes in the fridge I'll slice them and fry them with the mushrooms

Icon because of what usually follows starting about two hours afterwards and for the rest of the day!

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