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There has to be black pudding

No decent breakfast could be complete without it. Not the dried-up stuff that's been sitting under keep-hot lamps on a buffet for hours either, but freshly fried.

As to the frying, that really shouldn't be too greasy. The way I was taught, by my Dad, was to fry the bacon (back, of course) first, leaving the bacon fat in the pan. Then very briefly put the bread into that, a quick dip on each side to coat it but not to let the fat soak too far in. Lift it out, pour off the excess fat, and put the bread back in the pan with the black pudding. Lightly fry both until just crisp on the outside, but not soggy.

Sausages should be pork (none of this turkey nonsense), any good brand without gristly bits.

Of course, even a good English breakfast pales when faced with the proper full Irish, which adds fried potato bread, and some toasted soda bread with butter and marmelade on the side. And Irish Breakfast tea.

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