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Proper Full English

It is of course a matter of personal taste, but for me:

Bacon - don't mind what type but it must be nice and crispy

Fried egg, yolk must be runny (to dip your sausage and fried bread in)

Fried bread - has to be white bread, not too thick and properly fried all the way through

Sausage - a nice Cumberland or similar

Tomatoes - real tomatoes halved and fried in the pan. Need to be good quality ones

Baked beans - good quality, and not cooked to death and then left under a heat lamp for hours either

Tomato ketchup - a generous dollop on the plate, not on any of the ingredients. How can a mere chef possibly know where I want to put it?

And, of course, the meal must be accompanied by a generous mug of proper British tea (I believe this one was already settled by the Reg a while ago) and, if possible, a couple of slices of buttered toast

What's not to like?

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