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What size family swimming pool though? Your linked piece doesn't answer that. So I googled a bit more.

There are actually 4 turbo-pumps, 2 low pressure and 2 high pressure for fuel and oxidiser. And they're surprisingly low pressure, fuel goes up to 45 bar, oxidiser only up to 30 bar.

I didn't easily find the answer in a few brief Googles. I think I found total propellant flow at 100% throttle, which is 1409 kg/sec. Which is both oxygen and hydrogen.

Which is quite impressive - given the turbo-pumps only weigh something like 50kg.

To put this into context, the UK rivers authority own 2 extra-large pumps for flood clean up. Each does 500 kg/sec - at much lower pressures too - and each completely fills the loadbed of a large articulated lorry.

The pumpset for Wembley stadium does 60 kg/sec and is 16m long by 800mm wide by 1m high. I happen to know that, because we lost that contract...

Oh, and the oxidiser high pressure turbo-pump is a mere 26,000 horsepower!

The fuel pump is 70,000-odd.

That's 35,000 Citroen 2CVs just to pump the fuel...

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