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Sorry, video courses for me

I've never really been a bookworm, other than reading a lot of horror fiction. Picking up a tech book and trying desperately to learn from it by rote, you might as well ask me to eat the damn book as that'll probably have a far better chance to ensuring the knowledge stays in my brainbox!

Sadly not every techie is good at video presentation though, very few can do it for an international audience. There are some great techies, people like Pinal Dave on Pluralsight, but he sounds like he's just done a load of Speed and coffee before recording, he speaks so rapidly and in a staccato phrasing that sadly means you spend more time listening to his amazing speech patterns than actually paying attention to the material, ha ha!

I find watching 30-40 mins of vids every day on the commute helps me to get a good idea about a particular tech, whereas sadly and much to my own personal shame reading tech books for more than 10-15 mins just sends me to the land of nod.

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