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and at least in Firefox I can get the "classic" appearance back.

1. I *FORNICATING* *HATE* hamburger menus

2. I like 3D COLOR buttons, not FLATSO GREY ones

3. buttons should have a 3D border, and 'press' when you click them

4. tabs should have a somewhat 3D appearance, too

I can get ALL of that with FF addons that (thankfully) make it look like FF looked 3 years ago. The 2D FLATSO makes me want to *VOMIT* and I can't work while CHOKING BACK ALL OF THE PUKE!

Chrome *COMPLETELY* gets it *WRONG* with the 2D FLATSO look. I *HATE* it.

And I miss the OTHER really cool plugins, like NoScript, Cookie whitelist (with buttons), and Video Download Helper, which make Firefox way more secure (and let me download and save youtube videos instead of watching them skip while downloading at lousy connection speeds).

The FreeBSD "ports" Makefile shows a TON of library dependencies for Chrome, MANY more than Firefox. Firefox's source file is a bit more than 200Mb (as a .txz). Chrome has 2 files (the 2nd of which is 'test data' apparently) totalling ~612Mb. The test data is a little over 100mb.

I think the source file sizes and lib dependencies really tell the story about how much *BLOAT* that Chrome has, compared to Firefox.

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