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Don't want to start a flame war on top of systemd already. But I do prefer the gnu tools and apt over the bsd way of doing things. I was looking forward to debian freebsd but last i looked that project has been stalled foe years (I installed it once on a soekris box a few years ago).

Also at least with ports and stuff speaking of init, I found myself having to write custom basic init(or rc) scripts for services since so often they did not install any.

Most or all of the BSD folks i know hate linux userland but are ok towards the kernel. Find it kind of ironic i am the opposite. I shouldn't say I hate bsd userland but I prefer linux.

I haven't tried freebsd on a desktop with X11 probably in 18 years. I used to run freebsd on bridging firewalls and IDS, back in 2005 I moved to openbsd (for pf), have thought about going back since freebsd has had pf for a long time now just haven't had a real need.

Quite possible my info on init scripts and stuff is outdated for freebsd these days but as of openbsd 6 (? Last installed maybe 6 months ago), seemed to apply.

As per systemd yes I only interacted with it for a few mins so far (system is still running with systemd haven't rebooted it or anything in a few months). I think the issue was couldn't easily figure out how to get a service to start that wasn't built in. I gave up for the time being and started it manually. Not a huge deal but I can feel a sign of things to come.

And yes if debian 7 had update support for the next 5 years I would not update. I can't think of anything in debian 7 or 6 or even 5 that I felt was important to upgrade for. (Memory is hazy even going back to v5). Drivers for newer hardware is the exception. Though all of my serious systems run in vmware, where the virtual hardware has been stable for a decade

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