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underscore illegal dns character

I believe anyway. I have been a debian user since 2.0 hamm back in 98 and am strongly considering moving to the deuvian. I have had about 10 minutes exposure to systemd on a recent debian release (installed maybe 4 months ago whatever the version was at the time I am not at the system ), and wasn't impressed (at the end of the day it comes down for me it wasn't broken so don't fix it).

My main "home" servers(hosted at a colo) are debian 7 still, so no systemd, my laptops are linux mint 17(MATE) which has no systemd. My work linux boxes all 1000 of em also lack systemd for the moment anyway.

I can certainly see some use cases for a systemd approach on desktops and laptops hot plugging and shit. But the negatives outweigh the positives as someone who has run linux on my desktops and laptops since 1997.

I don't mind giving people choice but it seems the choices are rapidly dwindling, which is quite sad.

some folks have fled to BSD. I like the BSD kernels but have never liked the userland stuff(openbsd is still my home firewall of choice).

I have been able to just ignore systemd for a long time but that time is running out.

Same goes for some shit about replacing ifconfig?? Been reading about that recently, again have yet to run into it, another case of it was working fine for me for the past 21 years don't see a need to change it.

Other than driver updates with newer hardware linux on my systems has been "good enough" for a decade already.

Maybe I am too old. Or perhaps a case of the hipster agile devops shit going too far.

Or maybe a bit of both.

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