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Has a customer ever...

Or offered you a tasty thanks for your services?

Funnily enough, yesterday afternoon I was at a friend's place waiting to sign for a courier package.

A great many moons ago, when I was working in what I've referred to here as a "factory" IIRC, I also did some work for out-of-firm customers - people who needed a small job done.

I didn't recognise the courier, but he recognised me. I'd done a job for him back then and had apparently helped him out immeasurably with a car restoration he was doing.

He dropped back a bit later in his run with a fairly decent bakery-sourced pie and doughnut for my lunch, and tomorrow has invited me out to see his car and go for a ride, with lunch involved as well.

(TBH, I still can't recall the guy from work or the job I did for him but hey, free lunch is free lunch, and a cheap mince pie is still tastier than the basic sammies I'd probably be having!)

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