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Coding 54 years

Started when 13 on a Bendix G-15. A machine with little glass tubes filled with nothing. Writing code that resembles BrainFuck. Grew up spitting distance from the Valley. Moved on to Fortran at UC Berkeley and also studied psychology since I wanted to get into AI. AI still doesn't exist.

Moved on to BASIC but quickly dropped into machine code for the speed. Then figured out how to overclock everything. Designed and built bit mapped video cards before the concept existed. Rewrote the BASIC interpreter. Wrote a little program called DamBusters for the PET as well as some others. Published in Transactor. Worked on the computer side of Xerox and also met with Gates and others at the first Computer Fair in San Francisco. Most likely was watching Jobs helping himself to everything he could at PARC.

Since then have worked with various languages but am mostly interested in anything to do with graphics. Python works well in that respect. Have helped to develop the AutoCAD 3D turbulence modeling. C is OK but don't need the speed for what I am now doing. Have figured out how to do brain mapping using Ruby along with some cool sonification using Sonic-Pi.

The thing that gripes me the most is the FLAT everything. If it is a button it should look like a button. It is all about users. Thinking like a user isn't easy. I have been teaching users for many years. I developed the very first computer science course for Thompson River University back in the early 80's.

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