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Makes you wonder..

What kind of people would actually buy into this? That's the part I don't get, try to think this through for a moment and you'll soon see all the nonsense which is being shared here.

So the moment you open this contraption to find the rightful owner it'll take pictures of you? Good to know, thanks for the warning upfront. I'll remember this when taking a nice walk through the forest with my girlfriend:

"No honey! Just leave that thing lying there in the middle of no where, the owner can track it down with the internal GPS"

"But what if its batteries are dead?"

"Yeah, not our problem. Or do you want to risk being photographed and possibly treated online as some kind of criminal? Good luck explaining the mindless "social" media masses that you were trying to find a home address".

"Oh wow, you're fully right. Thanks for saving me, superman!"

"I'm not a superman, I just know these scammerman wallets. You know what? Littering is against the law, lets just throw it into the garbage can over there where it belongs. There, all safe and clean!".

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