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They are all tools, you just pick the best one for the job

Many (subjective) eons ago, I was a mainframe assembler programmer, writing (bad)[1] code for a system running TPF.

One of my siblings, having obtained various degrees and doctorates, was musing why we still bothered using such archaic languages when they had so many better ones in University..

I managed to restrain myself from beating him to death with a POPS manual[2] and suggested that the 40+ years-worth of code we were maintaining couldn't be replaced in a hurry, especially with languages where very few programmers existed and where there was no long-term commercial experience.

[1] One of the many, many reasons why I stopped[3] being a programmer and went into support.

[2] We chucked ours[4] away some time ago. Then, a few weeks later, discovered how much they were worth online. Doh!

[3] Some might claim I never really started. YMMV.

[4] Senior Controller was also a programmer, in the same company (we were married before we went there). She stuck at it considerably longer, being considerably better at it than I was. I was more of a 'hack it together and then fix it in testing' sort. She is one of those tedious^W meticulous types that actually preferred to design things first.

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