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Re: I suspect there are quite a few Java devs out there

Fermat not Fermi.

Fermat is what I have at home - just inside the cat door. For them to wipe their feet[1] rather than carefully preserving the cold-and-dampness so that they can walk all over me in the night[2]..

[1] Sadly, this little exercise in cat-training hasn't really worked. Probably because I struggled to think of how to reward them for doing it. And, in general, cats are mercenary little blighters.

[2] In oh, so many ways. After all, how many people would get up at 3am to let out the youngest cat[3] who really, really can't be bothered to use the cat door to go out. She's happy to use it to come in though. Probably because of the lack of suitable servants waiting outside to let her in.

[3] She of the multiple paranoia-syndrome. Even her paranoia is paranoid about the other paranoias she has..

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