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User filed fake trouble tickets to take helpful sysadmin to lunches

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One prestigious computer centre's manager was apparently notorious for being awkward. Like several other customers - they were having problems with a new piece of kit. My new job was to fire-fight these problems in the field until development could fix the S/W source.

Arriving on site in my Range Rover and in a sharp suit I was met with a verbal tirade from the computer manager about the problems with the new kit. I politely agreed with him. He went quiet and didn't trouble me for the next few days as I fixed their problems with patches - while wearing my "long hours" techie jeans and T-shirt.

His staff told me that he was in shock from "a suit" agreeing that there was a problem. Never had any complaints from him on subsequent visits.

One of his senior colleagues offered me a job. I pointed out that they had rejected me only a few years earlier for a support role - probably because I didn't have a university degree. He ruefully admitted that everyone they had employed from those interviews had proved incompetent in the role.

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