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Q. What's today's top language? A. Python... no, wait, Java... no, C

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I love Python. It’s a great language - the new ‘Basic’. It’s great for teaching kids how to program, and it’s great for doing real work in as well but…

…for me my one true love is C. It’s powerful (and, yes, dangerous if abused). It doesn’t hide anything or do anything automagically. Memory is yours to play with as you will. Even my C++ looks like C (which I realise makes it bad C++ - except, sometimes, to other C programmers).

I quite like Objective C and Swift. I’ve been paid to develop in Pascal (which was my favourite teaching-kids-to-code language until I discovered Python) and APL (which was a vile experience). But, in my experience, if you can do C then you can pick up most modern programming languages quite easily. If you can do C well then even Assembly comes fairly naturally.

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