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Long Term Issue

Slurp has shown that it wants users to be running what they consider adequate hardware. I have no personal familiarity with the Atoms, but given that many are only about 3 years old they should have plenty of useful hardware life. So, saying Bloat 10 latest can not be installed smells of 'bait and switch' and forcing users to make a choice they should not even be considering. The fact Slurp has backed down somewhat makes one wonder if they understand the damage they are doing to their brand.

Every time Slurp does something like this it reinforces to many that are a despicable, sleazy, organization that will abuse their 'customers' at every chance. I have burned by Slurp's antics with Bloat 10 to the point that Bloat versions are kept around for specific applications that do not need Internet access. This just reinforces my decision to abandon Bloat and to avoid it permanently on any new kit in the future.

Will Slurp try something like this again in the near future?

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