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Still use my EEE 4G when I'm out and about, it's convenient and unobtrusive and is fine for basic browsing (I stick to mobile versions of sites where possible, though).

Similar to that, I have an Acer AspireOne someone left behind in a rental house because the power adapter quit. I wiped the drive, installed 32bit LinuxMint on it, and it works fine with one of those universal power supplies. Need to find a proper adapter for it, simply because the universal one is just too darned bulky.

Biggest problem I have with it is I do my fiction writing in GoogleDocs, and in order to have local/offline copies of my work I have to run an old, unsupported version of GoogleChrome (last 32-bit version) and it bitches mightily every time I start it.

If the various Linux desktop projects hadn't gone out of their way to kill XDMCP, I could simply use it as a portable X-terminal to my desktop machine. But we aren't allowed to do such useful things by the "geniuses" at Gnome, etc.

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