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Can I fill in? I was a USN shipboard Communications officer for a few years back in the 90s.

Bridge officers (aka surface line officers) typically do not know Morse at all, or can fumble out an SOS. Even I was an oddity in being able to read signal flag hoists, to the chagrin of the senior enlisted signalmen. The only ones that know Morse fluently are the signalmen themselves and the occasional old-school radiomen.

On the whole, this sounds a bit like post-WW2 when radio traffic went from morse to voice and "high-speed" data - you still needed the enlisted folk as operators, even if they weren't tapping a telegraph key directly, and now the officers will be telling the signalmen what to type into the tablet and aim and click Send instead of copying down on paper them grabbing the signal lamp and start flipping. And those signalmen will continue to learn Morse as a backup for tablet failure until the service gets accustomed to the newfangled technology a few decades hence.

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