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Robin Bradshaw


How much carbide do the ships carry for the acetylene lamps? Id imagine if the ship has been subjected to a sufficient blast for an EMP to take out the electronics the lightbulb will be quite dickered and electricity may not be available.

Im not even going to look as is sounds like the sort of stupid thing someone would have made but id be stunned if you cant find a mobile app on google play that does the same thing with the camera on the phone and the led flash to let you send pointless messages at night over distances you could just shout, just add some local bluetooth/wifi sync so one phone acts as master and the rest slaves and have all the sailors line up on deck pointing their phones at the other ship and marvel at them all flickering in sync.

If this doesnt exist im relying on you good reg readers to make it a thing, the world needs a mobile phone based clacks terminal.

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