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Why can't you install Windows 10 Creators Update on your old Atom netbook? Because Intel stopped loving you


five-year-old silicon obsolete?

Are we going to accept that five-year-old silicon is obsolete? We cannot permit this to go unchallenged else the Wintel conspiracy will have to be factored into future IT budgets.

I install industrial systems that need to he 10 year lifespans. I had to dump XP some years ago after an Microsoft update did a post-install reset with no option to defer.

Now, Linux rules my waves and I am back in control but I still get calls from suppliers telling me that Win10 is the best way to go. Their "fear sell" usually follows the party line of "Linux has poor support, Windows is more secure etc etc" and, when I ask for written guarantees they usually just quote Microsoft documents and will never actually put their companies name to a legally binding document that I could use to sue them when the wheels fall off......

To be fair, some suppliers do offer Win10 embedded, but I already got burned there with stiff licence fees and very poor support unless you are a very large plc.

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