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Rose-tinted recollections

I bought my first LP in 1969. I was 12 years old and it was the Soundtrack to the movie Easy Rider. I've still got it! I never looked back from there. Then came 1974 and the first oil crisis and suddenly LPs were wafer-thin. I guess they could be called the first floppy disks. Thankfully that period didn't last long. Nonetheless, thin or not, thy crackled, skipped, were often warped, and sometimes got stuck in a groove endlessly repeating themselves. I remember having to sellotape a penny to the stylus arm, too.

I never purchased a pre-recorded audio cassette, only blank ones. The BBC used to broadcast live rock concerts on Saturday evenings at one time and I taped several using my radio/casette recorder. The biggest drawback with audio casettes was when the player ate them, mangling the tape and rendering them unplayable. Then in the '80s it happened all over again with VHS tapes. My first CD players were absolute shite too.

Please spare me the nostalgia for media players with moving parts. They were all crap.

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