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> So I don't see why it is fair to blame people for assuming it is exactly what it is advertised as

Read the fine print on that same page - 'Full Self Driving Capability' is not yet available, you have the option to add this capability if you were to order a vehicle today but there is no indication as to when this ability would be available or enabled in your country.

However, semi-autonomous (level 2) driving as what this driver had is available, and is what Autopilot refers to:

1) When you enable autopilot as a feature it clearly states you need to keep your hands on the wheel at all times and be able to take full control at all times

2) Every time you enable Autopilot whilst driving it tells you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times and be able to take control at any time

3) Every 2-5 minutes (depending on speed, type of road, etc), the car will give you warnings (which escalates in sound and visual intensity) if it does not feel torque on the steering wheel, if this is ignored, the car will disable autpilot and slow down to 0mph.

You are in other words warned every time you use it that you should be able to take full control of the vehicle.

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