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Seems more like he gave a statement to police while still very shaken up by the accident, which then got misquoted or misunderstood by the media, who ran with the whole "autopilot caused a crash" without proper facts or an actual statement to that effect. Then when he recovered from adrenaline overdose and actually got his brain working again, he notices all the bruhahah in the media and makes a corrective statement with what actually happened. This has "media frenzy and damn the truth" written all over it.

Those of use who have actually been in mortal danger will know high doses of adrenaline do funny things to your mental faculties. You're hyper focused on staying alive and all physical tasks that this involves. To the tune you focus out all other stuff that is unimportant, like talking, thinking much beyond the task directly at hand or even creating memories of what transpires. Some moments are etched into your brain forever, others are just a vague blurr or completely missing. And it takes a while to get all of that out of your system again.

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