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Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


According to you, the US should not have apologized to and made compensation to Japanese Americans for internment during WWII. Because that comes from today's taxpayers while the deeds were carried out by generations most of whom died already.

There is a world of difference between holding individuals responsible for the actions of predecessors and acknowledging collective responsibility especially if the crimes of the past resulted in a definitive and long lasting economic legacy that benefited the perpetrators of the crime and their brazen descendants such as you who are devoid of any decent human qualities such as a sense of justice, respect for humanity and ,most of all, simply an ability to feel shame and remorse.

Your argument is too convenient for a country that was the most aggressive and vilest imperialist in all human history; a country that even went to war to sell drugs, a country that encouraged cannibalism because you considered Africans to be monkeys.(Oh you don't know this tale of British explorers in South Africa, do you?) It is all too convenient since British soccer fans are the worst in the world and FIFA regularly punish Brits collectively. According to you this should not be done because not all British soccer fans engaged in riots.

Tammy Barker accepted Suh initially because at the time it was not completely certain that her cabin would be rented for the weekend. That does not mean she is not racist. Not all racists are as committed as Ku Klus Klan or you.

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