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Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


Do you realize the sheer hilarity of using an argument that discriminates towards people based on their country of origin to ... argue for laws against discrimination towards people based on their country of origin?

Nobody is guilty of anything based on the perceived sins of their ancestors. Is that a really hard concept to apply?

Or do you think it only apply to non-whites? There's certainly no lack of historical immoral behavior from various Asian nations, after all...

PS. I'm not from the US...

PS/2. Reading up a bit on this case, apparently there was no discrimination whatsoever involved, just some harsh words when the guest appeared demanding things outside the original agreement. Considering name and photo are shown on AirBnB, any rejection of a guest based on race would have happened much earlier.

Not that any of this makes any anti-discrimination or affirmitive action legislation any less morally bankrupt, but still...

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