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OK, so you've cast a female actor as the Doctor. No problem, but let's just lay down a few ground rules:

1. You can make the regeneration episode partly about the character coming to terms with their new gender. After that it should be scripted as if the Doctor has always been female.

2. You get one brief exception to rule 1 if a character who previously knew the Doctor as male is reintroduced. It's only natural that such a character would comment, but don't make them dwell on it.

3. Give the new Doctor some decent scripts and storylines. I felt the outgoing 12th was seriously let down in this regard.

4. Give the new Doctor time to get into the role - if you make this just a temporary flirtation with femininity then it really will only have been a gender politics stunt.

5. Don't make the new Doctor some kind of sex symbol - this isn't (and shouldn't be) the point of the character at all. IMO 10 and 11 both went too far in this regard, so perhaps this rule has already been thrown under the bus.

6. Give the new Doctor some decent scripts and storylines.

Thank you, that is all.

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