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If you are just a few years older than me - that would make them the ones you got used to as a kid.

My Dad could never get used to any other than William Hartnell - the Doctor should be a fusty old gentleman in his view and he never could get past that.

I slightly remember Tom Baker (I do recall my fist crush on both Leela (skimpy outfit at 7O'clock and Romana - aaah!)

I'm no firmly my Dad's age when I found out about his Doctor prejudice - and I feel the same way about a woman in the role.

Mind you - I don't think I've seen Dr Who since Capaldi took over - It's not just age or sex prejudice you have to get over these days - it's recent high-profile roles of the top-names they're getting to fill the role of late - not that Peter Davidson and the like were unknowns, but...

Hum, to have the clear unfettered unexpectations of childhood again....

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