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"It's all about suspension of disbelief..."

Which is sadly where Dr Who lost me quite some time ago.

I always thought that for the whole suspension of disbelief thing only worked as long as you had a framework to work in.

These are the rules. These rules are not your rules, but they are the rules here. It's OK to travel in time. That's part of our rules. It's OK to have FTL. That's part of our rules. It's OK to have humanoid aliens. That's in the rules.

Once you accept that there are rules, and start to get a handle on what they are - then you can just get on with the thing. That's how it works for me.

The problem with Dr Who is it keeps messing with it's own rules, to the extent that I have no idea what they even are any more, and that's made me get bored with it. If there are no rules then there's no story. With no rules someone can just go "Oh, that thing you can't do? Well you can. Because you need to to fix this plot problem. Problem solved." and shit like that just makes me stop caring about the story at all. Nothing has any dramatic tension if there are no rules.

Dr Who has played too fast and lose with it's own rules basically... forever... if we're honest, and it reached a point somewhere during Matt Smith's tenure that I just lost patience with the entire thing and stopped watching it.

I don't care that the new Doctor is a woman, because I already stopped caring about Dr Who at all :(

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