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Re: "Having a level 5 autonomous vehicle would be very nice indeed."

"The key words here are "a very significant proportion" because "a very significant proportion" doesn't mean "all". But it needs to be "all' if you want to take the driver out of the equation. As long as you require some occupant interaction/supervision/emergency override you require a sober, alert, non-distracted occupant. So forget about watching movies, sleeping, writing code, etc. Said another way, Level 4.8 isn't almost Level 5, it's just Level 4."

Unless it can be level 5 on motorways, and 4/3/2 elsewhere.

I see that as being achievable relatively easily - motorways are by definition and design simple roads to drive, with limited vehicle types, limited speed differentials, all the junctions are of one basic type (merge out/in) - navigation is simple as well...

If I can drive the 5 miles to my nearest motorway junction and then rest/relax for 5 hours before getting prompted to take back over for the last 20 miles then my capacity for paying attention in those last 20 miles will be vastly improved over the version of me that has been paying close attention to the behaviour of all the other vehicles on the road for the last 5 hours - that's just inevitable.

And of course in all likelihood the car will be monitoring my off motorway driving and providing alerts, or even emergency inputs, as well - which would be an additional boost to the safety of my driving.

It's coming, and I hope it will be here fairly soon.

However I do get a little concerned by the apparent tie-in people see between the driving technology and the power technology. Just because Tesla are doing a pretty damned good at both, doesn't mean they have to come together... I've seen some pretty decent stuff from Mercedes autonomous division with petrochemical propelled vehicles.

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