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"...we shouldn't really care about people from the handful of "banned nations" when it comes to the internet anyway"

Congrats, Bob. Your straw dog looks more like a straw brontosaurus. Good work!

If you had been paying more attention to the latest developments regarding US customs -or even bothered to read the fucking article- you would know that the issue does not only affect attendants from "banned nations" but any foreigner that enters or leaves the USA. As in Mr. Sternberg's case, where he was rejected entry with no reasons given. Or the vetoing of visitor's social media profiles or the - temporary?- requisition of visitor's electronic devices or the proposed obligation to give electronic devices passwords to the TSA. Or any other stupid occurrence Cheeto may have in the next twelve months.

The "banned nations" part in your comment is just a -poor- attempt at misdirection, and I can't see it gaining any traction in this particular forum. Perhaps you should go somewhere else to peddle your wares, some place more sympathetic with your ideas. How about the Faux News forums?

Have a NICE DAY!!!

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