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Racist laws trump other laws

I have no sympathy with anyone renting their houses through AirBnB or any other company. Home rental is in violation of zoning laws, tax laws, insurance laws, and health laws. As recently noted by the Toronto(Canada)mayor, it has greatly exacerbated a housing shortage in Toronto. Courts have routinely brushed aside neighbors complaints about AirBnB. Many are from housing subdivisions with restrictive covenants that even governs flower plantings, fence placements, etc.. NYC has problems with people renting out rent-controlled apartments for daily rates through AirBnB. But racism, Oh Lordy, Lordy! The Courts must act and the full weight of the government must be felt! I'll admit the Asian discrimination in California intrigues me as to the source of the hostility. In general it goes back to the days of the "yellow peril". Renting your home to anyone doesn't seem particularly smart since you haven't a clue what it will be used for. Love tryst, drug dealing, identity theft, etc.,etc.. But why would anyone with any prejudices even consider it?

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