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@Vic - agree with your post in general, but your comment about somebody driving slowly 0in the middle lane requiring three lans of traffic into one isn't correct. It's just the wierd UK fallacy that you can't drive past somebody on their left and therefore need to cross two lanes to pass them on their right. I was dumbstruck the first time I saw it. Stop it at once!

This is just an inability to distinguish between "overtaking oin the left" and "passing on the left". One is illegal, the other not. If you're already in a further-left lane, you can continue past a car on your right at your own speed. Now, compare this to "overtaking", which infers two lne-changes, ending up in the lane you started with.

Of course, if we were to actually enforce the "keep left unless overtaking" rules, this problem wouldn't exist...

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