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Yeah, I'm not sure he really thought this one through when he came up with it. He mentioned the faster lanes were covered like train carriages and had seats, and kids used to play games that involved knocking each other into slower lanes to avoid capture, etc.

I always imagined it like a super wide running track with spaced railings/hand holds in the centre of each track that extends around and through a town, with the 'expressways' (his term) as super fast tracks on the outside that linked towns and cities.

I guess if it were designed right, it wouldn't be any different to stepping on and off an escalator. Albeit a super scary, bowel loosening escalator.

Although given how well we manage to keep single escalators working, in reality it would be completely unusable for at least nine months of the year, and don't even think about it if there are leaves and/or snow flying around.

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