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Consider connected autonomous vehicles.

Either special utility vehicles or nearby delivery vehicles or worst case, nearby consumer vehicles can be algorithmicqlly redirected to a runaway vehicle, match speeds and forcefully decelerate the out of control vehicle.

This would be wildly dangerous with human drivers, especially if they are not properly trained for such maneuvers. But by employing computer controlled cars, it could be possible to achieve this 99 out of 100 times with little more than paint damage.

This doesn't solve a kids chasing a ball into the street without looking, but it can mitigate many issues related to systems failures.

I can already picture sitting in a taxi and hearing. "Please brace yourself, this vehicle has been commandeered for an EV collision avoidance operation. Your insurance company has been notified that the owner of the vehicle in need will cover the cost of any collision damage to this vehicle. Time to impact, 21.4 seconds. Have a nice day"

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