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Re: "Electric vehicles are the obvious solution to that particular problem"

"Unless you have a garage or driveway, how is this supposed to happen."

Elitists don't have to worry about that. The neighborhoods THEY live in don't have parking problems. And if they needed to park a car on the street, a 50' extension cord would do (because their neighbors aren't lining both sides of the street with 2nd and 3rd cars).

Here in the USA it's similar. Many neighborhoods in large cities and beach areas have very little available 'on street' parking, and you might have to walk a block or two after you find a spot. If the houses are old, or were replaced with apartment buildings [that have only one parking spot per apartment], you'll see cars lining both sides of the street 7/24. Even in the nicer neighborhoods, people put RVs and 2nd/3rd cars on the street because the garage can't have both cars and the motorcycle and the jet ski and the RV all inside of it (and they all won't fit in the driveway either).

So yeah, electric car charged inside the garage - for the "elite few". For everyone else, we'll stick with good old liquid fuel.

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