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Over a working life of just over 40 years I must have driven somewhere north of 900,000 miles, with long distance commutes and carriage of "stuff" often in the mix. Many others will have driven a lot further. In all that time I heard all about congestion; now the modern concern is "pollution" and air quality. Either way the root cause is the same; lots of vehicles.

However, in all that time nobody ever asked me why I was making the journeys I was, at the times when I was, and carrying what I was. Even now, in retirement, I drive quite a lot, sometimes over longish distances, still carrying "stuff" - albeit a different sort of stuff than I used to carry for work.

And I have had to listen to all sorts of experts telling me that I was being selfish and doing it all wrong without taking the trouble to find out why I was doing it in the first place.

The modern solution is to tell everyone that only fully electric autonomous cars will do; probably an easy answer if you look at a (small?) sub - set of all journeys made and project the findings on to all journeys. To be honest I could doubtless manage with a hybrid, but why should I "have" to allow the car to drive itself? My driving record is if not perfect at least one that has troubled the police and the courts little; from a personal (selfish?) perspective an autonomous car offers me nothing. (That might change; infirmity might catch up with me, but if that happens long journeys with "stuff" will be out anyway!)

Examine London with its comprehensive public transport systems and you are likely to come to a different conclusion to that obtained by scrutinising the wider country. To my (probably) cynical mind reports such as these have the hallmarks of being tailored to fit an agenda.

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