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What ever happened to..

What happened to the good ol' days?

Company A wants software B, so A would contact B, B would say "Okay, you want this software, that'll cost you X for a license that supports Y number of computers. If you need additional support you can pay W extra for a personal account manager. If you need the software customized or tailored we can can provide this service for an extra R on your license."

And that was pretty much it. You got what you asked for.

I guess now it will be

Company A contacts B, B says "well we got bundle A it includes D,E,F,G,H,I software which costs X per user, per year, or you can have package B which will only include D,F,H,I which costs Y per user per year, or package C which includes only F for Z per user, per year- We may remove some features over time and swap them to a different package, but rest assured you will be notified when this happens and you will be required to pick a different bundle. Oh you only want software E? Sorry, you need a bundle for that!"

Jeez, talk about over complicate it MS!

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