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I can see (and use) biometrics as a convenient way to "locally" gain access to a secret (like payment data, unlock an iPhone) but I'd never consider shared device for biometrics input. I have no business in exposing any of that to 3rd party (business or hackers). I have some level of trust to the way iPhone handles fingerprint data (someone would have to lift my fingerprints and use them only on my "paired" device) but any centralized scheme is a no go. Especially when considered how little is known with regard to how this biometric data is handled (and the more complex the biometrics the more likely it's not done in hardware outside OS access). For this reason I don't plan on using it with any other system (like MS' Windows Hello). Also, frequency and circumstances of access (like when driving) are major factors to weigh in the compromise between security and convenience. Why would someone consider using biometrics for a vending machine (instead of a CC) is beyond me.

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