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Linux this, Linux that, Linux the other.....

As a SCO Xenix reseller (their Watford Office was cool) I made loadsa money selling the optional shelf of manuals with the 3.5" floppies. That was the late 80's. Reading this thread I am wondering if I am 30 years out of sync. I spend my working days visiting public and private sector organizations and selling/migrating them to Office 365. I have NEVER migrated anyone from Linux or G-Suite because I have never bumped into an organization that uses either. As for LibreOffice......?

I must have missed the post where someone announced that Windows/Office 365 is mandatory. Unless you are in a corp with a centralised IT policy you can go download G-Suite/LibreOffice/OpenSource whatever, it is your choice. Funny how you never see a thread where LibreOffice users want to go to Office... If only El Reg could gather the device OS that people write their posts on like FaceBook and Google do. Then The Truth would be out.

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