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Microsoft drops Office 365 for biz. Now it's just Microsoft 365. Word

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If you are already have Macs and Linux, just buy Google G Suite and cut the cord on MSFT. You could do Libre too, but then you still need to do something about the email, IM, file share, etc piece. Google wraps that in a bow, at a way lower cost than MSFT.

I bet the catalyst for this move is that MSFT just watched Google Chromebooks take over the education space in about a year... light speed in IT terms. They are probably trying to remove the option before large enterprises do the same... and before Google has Chrome/Android to a point where it can do everything Windows can do and more. This is a classic Computer Associates move. They give you a good price on a giant bundle of software. You think you are getting a great deal. Then someone wants to remove four of the 28 components in that software bundle... CA tells you that your price will remain the same as you didn't buy 28 products, you bought one bundle.

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