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Sounds a lot like my damned cable TV company/local monopoly.

"Oh, you want channel A? It has been repositioned in our channel line-up and is now available in bundle X and above."

"Why can't I simply choose the few channels that I watch and just pay for them? I don't need any of those others."

"I'm sorry, we only offer select channel bundles."

<Sigh> "Okay, I guess I'll take bundle X for $50 a month."

"I'm looking at your account. In order to get bundle X, you have to add phone service and increase your data speed to 1 gigabit."

"But I don't need phone service, and 100 megabits is fine for my needs."

"Bundle X is tied to those services. We have no way to separate them."

Etc., etc., ad nauseam. My cable TV company uses 2 shovels to fling all their bullshit....

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