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Microsoft drops Office 365 for biz. Now it's just Microsoft 365. Word

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Perhaps when they can demonstrate that they can deliver some of their products on a 365 basis without the mandatory Russian roulette of downtime and the constant need for patching to stay on the supported version, then I might look again. Until then - I've got customer deadlines to worry about and I might go and look up the terms of the trade of descriptions act about false advertising. 365 implies always available.

A good start would be to define the "supported version" of all products as a number of years that is larger than the number of fingers a person has on one hand, not this "upgrade every 18 months to stay in support" plan that doesn't fit with the business change plan of any real company.

Microsoft. Take a look at the amount of new legislation that has to be met, the amount of testing (yes, that word again) that has to be done and look at where fiddling with the OS comes in the plan of "running the business"

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