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Corporate blackwhite has bad bellyfeel

The linked Avanti Markets Data Incident Notification is brimming with the usual corporate newspeak that means the exact opposite of what it purports to say.

"Avanti Markets deeply values the relationships we have with money of individuals who utilize kiosks supported by Avanti Markets."

"We treat all personal information in a confidential the cheapest possible manner and are proactive clearly incompetent in the careful handling of such information."

They're also setting up a hot line. Prediction: your call will be very important to them, and their menu options will have recently changed.

But don't worry about Avanti, though; they'll be fine. They're lawyered up ("We retained [...] outside legal counsel to assist"), and their TOS requires customers to use arbitration, which will pretend to listen to both sides and then rule in favor of the company. However, victims can look forward to some lame credit monitoring from the lowest bidder.

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