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Can you define "soon"? The way I see it, is that the Repubs in Congress are shifting support slowly. Trump won't be booted but will try for re-election as his ego says he's a minor deity. What will need changing by the people is the way many vote. I know of too many who hit the "vote entire ticket" button and while they feel good about most of the candidates in their party, they don't consider the consequences of voting each candidate based on the merits of the candidate rather than the party as a whole. This may change to a certain extent next time around. Or not.

IF Trump were consistent in his views and put away his Twatter feed, and hung around more in the White House, and got rid of a few family members in high places, the populous might raise his approval ratings. Seems no matter how much he screams on Twatter, his popularity continues to drop. I think the problem is that none of the voters really have a clue what stands for nor what he'll support on any given day. The only they know is that he's screaming for attention.

I've been watching the CongressCritters and they seem to be acting, for the most part, as independents and that's good. I'm all for a 3rd party with some heavy support in this country if for no other reason than to disrupt the good-old-boy network in government. Maybe this President will bring it about. A realistic 3rd party without axes to grind like the environmental crowd or other one trick pony parties.

We need elected officials who can think and not play follow the leader. We have real problems and the tired old politics aren't the solution. The old saying about "if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you're doing it wrong." applies.

I'll go kick the soapbox back into the corner and see how close it is to beer o'clock.

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