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About the tapes ...

Where's the video of Trump's meeting with Putin? I want to see the bit where Trump forgets himself and whines for a tidbit (something to take home and make a yooge great big noise about) and Putin points his finger briefly at the ceiling—the classic Russian gesture warning your interlocutor that They are always listening. In this case, Vlad The Emailer is reminding his pooch that he does have the tapes, and Little Donald shouldn't get too over-eager ....

Seriously, though, I keep seeing these well-intentioned and understandably exasperated articles asking why Trumpty Dumpty says or tweets this or that morsel of ill-informed, inconsistent or plain clueless drivel, their writers fruitlessly over-analysing his "strategy" or "purpose" ... when in fact it's all so easy: the man is dumb as a stump, knows nothing and is a pathological liar with the maturity of a ten-year-old. A spoilt, nasty, ten year old. That's it.

And as for complaining about him winning the election (well, by minus 2.5m votes), that's also pretty easy: no better demonstration of democracy in action could there be, as several million gullible idiots elected their own gullible idiot.*

(*With an honorable mention to the imbeciles in the Democratic Party who, with their appalling candidate Hillary, managed to hand the election to someone who wasn't qualified to be dog-catcher.)

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