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"FYI, There is no USSR anymore."

Exactly, the USSR was, in many ways, a lot less dangerous than Putin's nationalist Russia.

The USSR started from the ideological goal of converting the whole world to communism, but by the end it was too busy struggling to feed its population whist at the same time trying to compete with the USA in high-profile status projects like space exploration and also maintain a huge military. Its collapse from within was almost inevitable.

Putin has the advantage that he has no worldwide political agenda other than whatever benefits Russia, or at least his brand of Russia; he has his home political scene firmly under control and also a good balance of payments due to gas and oil exports. Foreign exploits seem to be based on whatever keeps the USA and Western Europe off balance.

Political opponents of Putin, whether at home or abroad, seem to have a worrying habit of being murdered or ending up in prison; if he had a son I'd be really worried about Russia becoming a big-budget, more effective, version of North Korea.

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