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How is this going to help?

How is DRM scheme going to help anything? If they put the content behind locks, then one video camera pointed to the screen is enough to bypass their DRM scheme. Sounds like fool's errand.

They would need to control all the devices in the world to prevent anything with these schemes. I don't think there exists a single organisation that is powerful enough to control all device manufacturers.


Otoh, every vendor needs to ensure their devices/technology are legal. Web included. Web currently has a way to display video files. I never figured out how they pulled that off, without getting MPAA very angry. All technology that can record/manipulate/transfer/clone/publish video files is suspicious for movie piracy enabling technology. Web included. There are easy ways to build your technology in such way that it does not allow piracy to happen. Some people just don't care.

Free software versions of movie manipulation technologies are especially suspicious, since their license and source availabiliy allows anyone to modify it, and thus it has easy path to piracy operations. Thus development of technologies that handle video files is always suspicious, especially in free software area.

Web always did have problems in the copyright area. Their javascript view-source copy-paste feature allowed anyone to clone anything from the web area -- i.e. they didn't respect the copyright of the author of that piece of javascript code. It's clearly copyright infringement enabling technology. Of course they had good reasons to build it that way, but tons of work was cloned as a result of that. Of course microsoft word has the same problem with copy-paste, but there doesnt seem to be widespread problems with it.

Building these checks to single technology is possible, but controlling the whole market is next to impossible. There exists technology vendors who do not have necessary knowledge to build working piracy prevention tech to their products. Other companies simply don't care. But all this makes controlling the whole market very tricky. Of course sueing the vendors who allow this to happen is one alternative, but guess it's not perfect solution.

Guess it's web's time to show how they handle the situation. Allowing DRM is one step, but until the tech is mature and in full use, we can't know what will happen to it.

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