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I'll see your cess-pits and raise you a pig-farm slurry pit.

There were a series of reports to the RUC that a couple had been killed and buried, the theme being that the bodies were dug up and moved. Nobody really believed it but it couldn't be entirely dismissed. (Have I ever mentioned the golf ball episode?)

Anyway, one of the variations was that the bodies had been dumped in a slurry pit in a pig farm. This had to be pumped out so that it could be examined. Even empty it would be done by the underwater team with dry suits and breathing apparatus.

The pit had been used for dumping carcasses of dead pigs and the pump was quite capable of drawing up and discharging bones. Somebody who was considered able to tell the difference between a pig bone and a human bone but cheaper than a regular pathologist had to spend a couple of days of an Irish winter standing at the outlet of the pump checking what came out. That was me. I suppose I should have been concerned about where the effluent was draining to. I wasn't

The subsequent examination was negative and, I heard, very brief. I didn't see that for myself. I'd already left.

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