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"The council in England where I live have something called 'building inspectors'. These folks make sure that everything meets the building control regulations."

Really? In 2017?

In most parts of the UK that I'm aware of, "building regulations" inspection has been outsourced, often to a subsidiary (or friend) of the builders. Bonfire of the red tape and all that. After all, what could possibly go wrong.

Recently constructed PFI-financed Edinburgh and nearby Scottish schools found out what could go wrong a few months ago, fortunately without real casualties:

"An independent report into the closure of 17 Edinburgh schools has been published today (9 February 2017).

The School Closures Report (PDF 3.8MB) was commissioned by Chief Executive Andrew Kerr last summer after the collapse of a wall at Oxgangs Primary School and subsequent closure of 17 schools.

It was led by respected construction and procurement industry expert, Professor John Cole CBE, who will present his report at a special City of Edinburgh Council meeting today.


Some of the key findings from the report, which runs to over 250 pages, include:

* the collapse of the wall was due to poor construction and inadequate supervision;

* insufficient independent quality assurance and poor record keeping by the Council and ESP;

* ineffective quality assurance measures within the construction industry;

* the Council made the correct decision to close the 17 schools;

* the alternative education arrangements put in place for over 8,300 pupils was a ‘remarkable feat’;

the issues identified in Edinburgh are likely to be more widespread"

The report contains many recommendations for the Council and other bodies, both public and private, as well as the construction industry. These relate to areas such as: procurement, construction, training and recruitment, the role of the building standards and independent certifiers and the sharing of information.

[report continues...]


More recently and very much more tragically, there's little need for an inquiry to determine the root causes of what happened at Grenfell Tower; they're already well known to anyone who is interested, and some of them are even documented. The particular sequence of unfortunate events that led to Grenfell Tower isn't yet documented; the root causes that didn't stop the collapse in standards from happening are well understood already.

We just need the relevant people, who are generally very well paid because they are supposedly in very responsible positions, to actually be held to account.

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